Middleware for Ubiquituous Computing - Intergiciel pour l'Informatique Ambiante (IAM 01)


Jean-Yves Tigli

Intervenants (2010-2011)


Ubiquitous computing names the third wave in computing, just now beginning. First were mainframes, each shared by lots of people. Now we are in the personal computing era, person and machine staring uneasily at each other across the desktop. Next comes ubiquitous computing, when technology recedes into the background of our lives. Alan Kay of Apple calls this Third Paradigm computing. Friedemann Mattern, explains this trend from four technological reasons: miniaturization of devices, new materials, progress in communication technologies and better sensors. Anyway, ubiquitous computing introduces new challenges in the software engineering domain leading to numerous innovations for middleware.

After introducing such challenges, we divide the course in three kinds of sessions. The first one presents current approaches already introduced for the software design of applications on mobile device.

In the second, we introduce the main research works led on the topic preparing the future of ubiquitous computing like, context-awareness, adaptive middleware and wearable computing.

Then, the student project period is intended for a personal practical work of the student. Every student chooses, according to his focus of interest, one of these three kinds of exercises:

  • Writing a scientific paper on a research topic of the domain,
  • Writing a journalistic paper on a technological topic of the domain,
  • Designing and developing software for ubiquitous computing applications in the continuation of the practical works of this master course.

All these productions are presented in a final session.


The main purpose of this course is to provide a survey and skills for middleware in mobile and ubiquitous computing. A second objective is to introduce the main topics of research that prepare future evolutions of this domain.


This course is devided into 7 lectures and tutorials plus a final examination. You can the decrption of the course bellow:

  • Introduction to Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing: Vision and Challenges, J.-Y. Tigli (Lecture 3h)
  • Framework for Mobile Device: J2ME, M. Riveill (Lecture and Tutorial 4h)
  • Framework for Mobile Device: Compact .Net Framework, J.Y. Tigli) (Cours 3h)
  • Framework for Mobile Device: Compact .Net Framework, J.-Y. Tigli (TD 4h)
  • Middleware based on Web Services for Device: UPnP and DPWS, S. Lavirotte (Cours 2h / TD 2 h)
  • OSGi middleware for Mobile Device, D. Donsez (Cours 3h /TD 2h)
  • Android middleware for Mobile Device, G. Rey (Cours 2h / TD 2h)

Basic skills in software programming (Java or C#) and distributed programming.