Da Nang University (Vietnam)

Vietnam Da Nang University

Cooperation Program

Under the cooperation program between the Da Nang University and the University Côte d'Azur, both part decided to establish from September 2009 a programme of Master's degree in the following specialities:

  • Hydroprotech
  • Electronics, Micro-Electronics and Telecommunications
  • E-Tourim
  • International Law, Economics and Management
  • Computer Science: Foundation and Engineering
  • Business Administration

Computer Science: Foundation and Engineering

This program is open to students who have a Vietnamese engineering degree in computing or an equivalent degree and have a solid foundation in software development. It proposes to students a specialization in software engineering and knowledge engineering. The first year is devoted to harmonization. The second year offers specialized modules that allow students to acquire at once a theoretical knowledge and an applied experience in a wide range of software engineering and knowledge.

Specialized courses in 2nd year Master's degree:

  • Advanced Databases (Philippe Salvan)
  • Agile Web (Peter Sander)
  • Embedded Systems and Applications (Stéphane Lavirotte)
  • Knowledge Engineering (Catherine Faron-Zucker)
  • Management (Christine Bachelot)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (Anne-Marie Pinna-Dery)
  • Semantic Web (Olivier Corby)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) (Marc Gaëtano)
  • Term Project

Within this cooperation framework, I'm responsible for the course: "Embedded Systems and Applications".